Publised Fri 02, 24

Forty-one young women from Pursat and Kampong Chhnang provinces participated in a training facilitated by Gender and Development for Cambodia. Through FemLeading project, the young women gained knowledge on ethical leadership, power, and influence, as well as negotiation skills. It is also an opportunity for young women to reflect on community mobilization, the power they have, the ethics that a leader should possess, and improve their negotiation skills. In addition, our young woman shared her experiences from attending and being one of the speakers at the ASEAN People’s Forum 2023 in Indonesia. “To my fellow young women, no matter what circumstances we are in, we must be brave, strong, courageous. We must not be afraid, we must not be impulsive, we must do what we want to do, we must not be afraid of the outside world. We could not fully exercise our rights even if we have full rights, we must all work together to get what we want, especially leadership for all.” Daneath, a young woman who attended ASEAN People’s Forum.


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