Who We Are

About Us

Gender and Development for Cambodia (GADC) is a local non-profit and non-political organization. It was admitted to the NGO Good Practice Program (NGO-GPP) for its compliance with all standards in the Code of Ethical Principles and Minimum Standard for NGO in August 2011. GADC works in cooperation with the Royal Government of Cambodia (RGC) and members of civil society organizations to advocate for gender sensitive projects/programmes, national laws and policies formulation in Cambodia.

The advocacy for gender sensitivities in laws and policies is related to GADC’s emphasis on the need to shift from a focus on women’s roles in development towards a consideration of gendered relations of power, including access to and control over resources, and decision-making by women and men. GADC serves as an intermediary in which information flows between the national and subnational levels (including the grassroots). This intermediary role allows for local needs being responded by the government and national level policies are informed.


Vision, Mission and Value

GADC’s focus is on garnering greater equality for women at all levels, from local to national.



In 1996, a Gender and Development (GAD) Team was proposed to conduct a special project for the Cooperation Committee for Cambodia (CCC)


Structure and Staff

GADC is comprised of several divisions, The major activities of GADC function as three separate units: Advocacy & Networking, Training & Internship, and Community Outreach