Advocacy And Networking

Our Advocacy and Networking program raises gender awareness through the combined use of networks, campaigns, publications, and public forums. We lobby legislators and policymakers at the national level for the incorporation of gender principles into new and existing law and policy.

We are also the acting secretariat for the Gender and Development Network (GADNet) and conduct most initiatives through this active network.


  • To have effective advocacy networks of civil society, youth, and state institutions that promote gender equity.
  • To instill gender sensitive laws, policies, plans, and processes of decision-making institutions.


  • To develop and conduct effective advocacy campaigns for gender responsive laws, policies, plans, and institutions.
  • To mobilize and support strong civil society and youth networks.
  • To increase the numbers of women initiating and participating in advocacy activities on issues directly affecting them.
  • To give networks access to tools that support their roles as leaders and advocates for gender equity.
  • To increase development and implementation of advocacy campaigns on the part of elected female government officials.
  • To monitor and report on the Royal Government of Cambodia concerning the prioritization of and response to gender.

Advocacy And Networking Carries Out A Number Of Activities As Follow:

  • Capacity-building: Provide trainings to GADNet members to enable them to advocate for gender equality with various topics from time to time.
  • Campaign: Organizing campaign during the International Women’s Day (IWD); raising awareness of gender equality and women’s rights among mass media people.
  • GADNet meeting: Organize quarterly GADNet meeting. The meeting aims to share experiences/information on the status of women’s improvement and challenges.
  • Gender Café: Open a safe space for women, especially young women so that they could explore their concerns related to their daily life.
  • Community of Practice (CoP): with the support of IWDA, GADC in collaboration with CORD Cambodia piloted this new project with aims to build capacity and self-esteem for women in different sectors and different levels (in both NGOs and public sector at National and Provincial levels).
  • (CEDAW Project): with support of UN women, GADC in collaboration with SEDECA, and and NGO on CEDAW to strengthen the capacity of national human rights instutions to promote and protect women’s rights.
  • Committee to Promote Women in Politics (CPWP): currently, advocacy and networking unit is working in WLSN project, under coordination of SILAKA to empower women leaders at sub-national level (district and province) Prey Veng province.