Feminist Education Program

A big shout out to our readers, We wanted to take a moment to thank you for all the collaboration, support and trust you’ve shown us throughout this journey of gender equality. Together we all thrive!, Respect and Love,
GADC team

*** Over the past decades, Gender and Development for Cambodia (GADC) has provided trainings, knowledge exchange, and consultation related to dismantle patriarchy, integrate gender equality continuum, and so on to more than 13,000 participants, making it the largest figure of gender-related trainings within Cambodia.


Feminist Education Program (FEP) team works to promote Substantive Gender Equality within the organization and the society through feminist lens processes, and one of which is Gender at Work Analytical Framework, by transforming from individuals to systems spectrum.


Inspired and adopted from GADC core values, FEP team has recognized and acknowledged that a clearer consciousness of the deeper structural roots and intersections of power, patriarchy and heteronormativity as well as of the root causes of injustice, exclusion, discrimination and violence has to be addressed. Therefore, we all apply these core pillars in every activity we do.

  1. Intersectional Acts: As a feminist, we adopt an intersectional perspective that acknowledges that gender discrimination does not happen in isolation but rather multiplies as it intersects with other oppressions and exclusions people experience. These other deep power structures include class, caste, ethnicity, race, age, ability, location, religion, and heteronormativity.
  2.  Body autonomy and integrity: We, a feminist, advocates for each person’s right to guarantee their autonomy, integrity, and freedom of choice regardless of their gender or other identities and decision-making in their sexual and reproductive life, free from any form of coercion, violence, or fear.
  3.  Transformative power practice: We believe that everyone is a site of transformative change, and it starts with ‘’Us’’ not ‘’Them’’, so continuous self-reflection in our daily practices and interactions are crucial.
  4.  Thriving together: ‘’Strengthening participatory engagement to build this collective care & growth journey matters the most for us.’’ We actualize a safe space for the notion of ‘’Wounded self’’ and ‘’celebratory self’’ where each of individual can freely express their fragmented side or emotionally hurt and highlight and connect with their inner strengths and joy. This space is for collective learning, care, and growth.

how we work:

Capacity strengthening and revitalizing resilient & movement-building approaches for advancing feminist social transformation are a critical foundation in Feminist Education Program; hence, FEP sharpens our approaches as follow:

Tailored trainings/exchange knowledge: GADC team can offer a range of trainings/consultation tailored based on the requests from its partners, clients, agencies, local and international organizations, and public institutions, and works closely with them to develop training materials/curriculum which will effective and applicable to the context in which participants are working.

In-house or internal trainings: GADC carries out this sort of trainings in our headquarter several times annually, which address specific themes such as work and life-related skills/knowledge to the teams with the aim of strengthening their personal and professional growth.

Other Feminism-related services: GADC can offer and unpack normalized or hidden discrimination and power dynamics in the most private and intimate spaces and public spaces; for instance, how gender — working with other forms of power — determines our social, economic, and political status and access to resources, opportunities, privileges, and rights. This can be done through a connection of feminist coaching & mentoring, facilitation, consulting on gender equality policy development, and Feminist Participatory Action Research in a field of expertise.


  • Customized activities: it is a capacity development service that GADC generates revenue. The service includes a package of trainings/knowledge exchange such as:
    • Curriculum development and contextualization
    • Training of Trainers (ToT)
    • Feminist Facilitation Guides
    • Feminist and Pod coaching and mentoring
    • Consultation service on gender equality continuum for personal and social transformation
  • In planned activities:It is designed for the specific target groups, which are fully supported from core donor’s funds. GADC continues to strengthen the capacity of youth groups, CSO network, Cambodian state institutions as well as internal GADC’s team on gender-based global development such as updated laws, policies, and movements/campaigns. From year to year, the contents of the training have been shifted from basic gender awareness to internalization and analysis on gender and its relationship with specific current social situations.

Target groups and areas:

Our target groups include government institutions and ministries, NGOs, private organizations, youth associations, civil societies, and individuals from all walks of life throughout Cambodia.