Cambodia Men’s Network (CMN)

Our Objectives

The Cambodian Men’s Network (CMN) aims to encourage men to work together to eliminate violence against women and promote gender justice and to be good role models for their peers and sons. CMN works to strengthen the network of men throughout the country; mobilize the network to hold campaigns to eliminate violence against women; enable men through activism to understand that violence against women is a men’s problem and men must address the problem of violence themselves; and advocate and lobby for adoption and implementation of laws that protect women from all forms of violence.

how we work

The strategies of Cambodian Men’s Network

  • Provide a forum for men to discuss the key issues raised in the platform.
  • Provide training support and capacity building to NGOs whose policies, programmes and projects incorporate the values and sentiments of the Network’s platform
  • Share opinions and ideas raised in regional meetings with other regional and international groups through regular printed bulletins and through annual consultative conferences
  • Take action through means of advocacy and lobbying to reduce and eliminate violence against women in Cambodia

target groups and areas

Our target groups are men and male youths who are from NGOs, private organizations, youth associations, civil societies, and individuals from all walks of life throughout Cambodia. Established in 2000, CMN has approximately 1000 members throughout the country. The CMN currently has operations in 12 provinces and capital city in the country. The operational area of CMN is divided into 5 administrative regions. There is one coordinator who supervises CMN activities in their respective region and province.