113th Anniversary of International Women’s Day

Publised Wed 04, 24

113th Anniversary of International Women’s Day “Invest in diverse women migrant workers: Accelerate progress.”
On 23 March 2024, women beneficiaries of the project “By Women For Women” that partnership between Gender and Development for Cambodia (GADC) and International Labor Organization (ILO) took a lead in conducting International Women’s Day (IWD) in Wat Pong Pors, Baphnom district, Prey Veng Province. In total there were 42 participants (women 34, men:8).

Through the campaign, the participants are aware about value of women migration workers and that they need to be invested, awareness about existing scheme of the government that avail for women migration worker and how they can have access to these schemes. The campaign created a space for women migrant worker to advocate for support in response to their practical needs.

Women migrant workers raised important messages to the local authority and relevant departments to be informed and take actions to response to their needs that 1). Invest in decent wages for women migrant workers. and 2). Invest to build skills that respond to the labor market for women.

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