Economic Empowerment of Women in Small Scale Businesses

Publised Fri 06, 24
The field visit in Kampong Chhnang of Australian Embassy, Cambodia for the “Economic Empowerment of Women in Small Scale Businesses” project implemented by GADC partnership with IWDA through Australian NGO Cooperation Program (ANCP) in a door-to-door visit to the target family in May 2024 to learn more about the progress and achievements of small-scale businesswomen. In particular, the impact of how working to transform the women’s spouse’s mindset and behavior through men’s dialogue approaches to ending domestic violence, the sharing of household chores, as well as a fair share in economic decision making.
Quoted from a woman who has multiple-small-scale business at home, “I receive several trainings about business management, decision making, family relation issues, and gender equality from the program provided by GADC … with all these businesses, especially our seasonal business, we do not earn the fortune, but our family is happy than ever. I and my husband practiced what we learned from Nak Kru on using the non-violence communication and sweet words to each other so we can be a good role model to our children and our villagers.”