Cambodia’s Men Network

GADC serves as a secretariat for three main networks

  • i. Gender and Development Network (GADNet) is a group of 62 representatives from local and international NGOs and government institutions that are advocating for gender equality and women empowerment in Cambodia.
  • ii. Cambodian Men’s Network (CMN) is comprised of 600 men members from different social strataworking to eliminate VAW and promote women empowerment by working with men at all level in Cambodia. The men groups had collaborated with the regional men network to share experiences and capacity building on gender sensitivities and masculinity.
  • iii. Committee to Promote Women in Politics (CPWP) is a women movement working to advocate and lobby political parties to promote women leadership. The CPWP is working at the national level to advocate for women’s leadership and to conduct research within this issue area.Established in 2005, the goal of the CPWP is to increase women’s access, presence and influence in political decision-making at all levels. The CPWP aims to achieve its goal through a two pronged mission.The first is to promote and advocate for equal participation and representation of women and men in effective decision-making in public office; and the second is to commit to strengthening women’s awareness of, and voices, capacity and collective action in political decision making. Key strategic priorities for the CPWP include: effective and collective networking; capacity development; influencing agenda setting and policies; and, enabling young women leadership.GADC was a member of CPWP in 2005 and was elected to serve as the secretariat of CPWP in July 2012. The Secretariat advocates at the national level whereas the CPWP members are working at the provincial and local levels. This responsibility sharing approach helps to empower women at all levels of the government.