Community Outreach

In June 2006, GADC established a new program unit called the Community Outreach Unit (CO) to harmonize and advance a series of smaller community based initiatives. The goal of the CO Unit is to increase mutual recognition and respect for the rights and contributions of men and women at the family, community and national level.
Specific objectives:

  • Create demand for gender equality.
  • Promote development as a partnership between women and men to improve quality of life in family, community and society.
  • Enable family members and community leaders to identify and address issues that create disparity and disharmony, or place girls and women at risk of violence, in a collaborative and non-violent way.

Community Outreach carries out activities as follow:

  • Community Outreach Project on Women Empowerment through Legal Awareness (WELA): WELA programme aims to promote awareness among grassroots women on their legal rights so that they can exercise their rights based on the knowledge of laws policies and other pertinent conventions. The community-based core women groups (CWG) who are trained directly by GADC staff and other experts will then extent the information to villagers through village meetings for women, men, boys and girls.
  • Community Outreach project on Men Perspective Project (MPP): Community-Based Men Core Group (CMG) is parallel with the Community – Based Women Core Group (CWG). CMG is trained by GADC staff and other experts on masculinity, counselling, CEDAW, gender perspective and other national policies and laws.

Together, both the WELA and MPP have common targeted areas, and thus CWGs and CMGs work side by side in the same communes to achieve a shared goal.