In 1996, a Gender and Development (GAD) Team was proposed to conduct a special project for the Cooperation Committee for the Cooperation Committee for Cambodia (CCC). This gender team was to provide gender training, coordinating and liaising between international organizations (IOs), non-governmental organizations (NGO), the Royal Gov-ernment of Cambodia (RGC), and other relevant donors and stakeholders. The team would also work with the media to improve the portrayal of women, distribute GAD resource materials, and explore the topic of women and the environment.


In 1997, the GAD Team was initiated and became the Gender and Development program for Cambodia, a semi-autonomous unit within the CCC. After years of effective operational work, the program conducted a four-week self-analysis to assess its organizational competence and to determine its ability to respond to its mandate. The result of this analysis would lead to a fundamental change in the organization.

In October of 2000, the Gender and Development Program for Cambodia applied for official registration under the Ministry of Interior (Mol) as an independent, local NGO, and formally became the autonomous Gender and Development for Cambodia that we are today. We also redefined our mandate to one that promotes gender equity in social, economic and political processes and institutions in Cambodia.