Capacity Development

Over the past decade, Gender and Development for Cambodia (GADC) has provided trainings/workshops related to dismantle patriarchy, integrate gender equality continuum, and so on to more than 13,000 participants, making it the largest figure of gender-related trainings within Cambodia.


Capacity Development team works to promote Substantive Gender Equality within the organization and the society through feminist lens processes, and one of which is Gender at Work Analytical Framework, by transforming from individuals to systems.

how we work:

To achieve the above goal, Capacity Development team has been providing a variety of trainings and other gender services in response to the needs of the public and its clients in the gender-based global development context.

  • Tailored trainings: GADC team can offer a range of trainings tailored based on the requests from its partners, clients, agencies, local and international organizations, and public institutions, and works closely with them to develop training materials/curriculum which will effective and applicable to the context in which participants are working.
  • In-house or internal trainings: GADC carries out this sort of trainings in our headquarter several times annually, which address specific themes such as work and life-related skills/knowledge to the teams with the aim of strengthening their personal and professional growth.
  • Other Feminism-related services: GADC can offer feminist coaching, mentoring, facilitation, consulting on gender equality policy development, and Feminist Participatory Action Research in a field of expertise.

Capacity Development are being delivered as follow:

  • Customized activities: it is a capacity development service that GADC generates revenue. The service includes a package of trainings such as:
    • Curriculum development
    • Training of Trainers (ToT)
    • Feminist Facilitation Guides
    • Feminist and Pod coaching and mentoring
    • Consultation service on Gender transformation for positive change


Incomes from these services are contributed to the other capacity strengthening activities within the organization.

  • In planned activities: It is designed for the specific target groups, which are fully supported from core donor’s funds. GADC continues to strengthen the capacity of youth groups, Cambodian state institutions as well as internal GADC’s team on gender-based global development such as updated laws, policies, and movements/campaigns. From year to year, the contents of the trainings have shifted from basic gender awareness to internalization and analysis on gender and its relationship with specific current social situations.

Target groups and areas:

Our target groups include government institutions and ministries, NGOs, private organizations, youth associations, civil societies, and individuals from all walks of life throughout Cambodia.