Training on Understanding to Gender Concepts

 Concept Note

(RUPP’s Student Training)

Training on Understanding to Gender Concepts

1. Description

In cooperation with Royal University of Phnom Penh (RUPP) under financial support by Pyd, Capacity Development Program had developed training curriculum on “Understanding to Gender Concepts” specifically for female and male of RUPP’s students from different departments such as environment, tourism, social science, geography, Khmer literature …

2. Objectives

Participants will:

  • be attain awareness about the gender concept relative with development working
  • be understanding about women’s issue regard to other sector in Cambodia
  • are able and can identified the basic of human rights and mechanism of women protection
  • identified the mechanism addressing gender forward to gender quality without discrimination

3. Expected Results Participants:

  • Female participants increase knowledge 30%, and that of male participants increase 30%.
  • 30 participants (15 female) will change their negative behavior/attitude. 20% of the participants disseminate their knowledge to their friends, room-mates, family and community of each training course.

4. Target group – 2-day of 2 trainings on gender awareness are conducted to 60 RUPP’s students (30 female)

5. Process

  • Desk review and develop the training manual related topic.
  • Draft and final the training content and share responsibilities with RUPP team.
  • Conduct two-day of three trainings on Gender Awareness to 60 students consisted of 30 female and 30 male from different departments.
  • Prepare training report. 6. Time-frame – Training will be conducted on December 14-15 and 21-22, 2013:

7. Venue

The two-day of three trainings on gender awareness will be conducted RUPP’s meeting hall, campus I.

8. M & E

  • Participants have opportunity to measure their knowledge and skills before and after training through pre-post test, evaluation and individual reflection.
  • The training also conducts daily evaluation for participants which focus on good points, improvement points, request and questions during the training.

9. Reference

  • The training had supported from Pyd organization under project name “Gender Mainstreaming in Academic”. The project is under implementation of Capacity Development Program team of GADC and RUPP’s teacher team.