National Assembly President’s Circular Not Following the Framework of Law and Principles of Effectiveness, Transparency, and Democracy

02 October 2014 – Cambodian Civil Society Organizations have found that the Circular on the National Assembly (NA)’s commission working method, issued on 12 September 2014 by the President of National Assembly, does not adhere to the principles of democracy, transparency, effectiveness, the constitution and internal regulations of the National Assembly in regard to the following key points:

Point 1: The Constitution and internal regulations of the National Assembly do not stipulate any article giving power to the President of National Assembly to issue “circulars or authentic orders” to define the rights and power of authority and internal working methods of Commissions in the National Assembly. Article 87, Paragraph 1 of the Constitution states that the President assures implementation of internal regulations and provision 8 point F of the internal regulations defines the President’s role of maintaining order in the National Assembly. Maintaining order in the National Assembly refers to maintaining the order in plenary session and permanent committee meetings, but not an administrative job or the secretariat’s.