Gender, HIV/AIDS and Behavior Change Training

The Training and Internship Programme of GADC will be delivering a training courses on “Gender, HIV/AIDS and Behavior Change” to Youth Associations in Phnom Penh and other Provinces. These trainings will provide an opportunity for Youth Group/Association members to learn about the impacts of gender, social and cultural norms on sexuality health of women and men, its relation to epidemic of HIV/AIDS and to think about how they can reduce HIV/AIDS infection and stigma.

The trainings will be conducted from June 22-24 and August 26-28 2011, at the GADC offices in Phnom Penh. On October 22-24, 2011, the training will be conducting in a Province (a specific place and province will be stated soon)

If you are interested and would like to attend the training, please contact GADC for more information or contact to Mr. Saing Pheng, Training Assistant, via phone number: 017 236 385 and email: