Consultative workshop on “Gender Study Curriculum”

Phnom Penh 26 June 2014 – Gender and Development for Cambodia (GADC) is pleased to inform a consultative workshop on “Gender Study Curriculum” which will be held on July 9 2014 at Orchidee restaurant (#106, Pasteur (St. 51), corner of Chakrey Ponn (St. 208), Phnom Penh).

The workshop aims to introduce a draft gender studies curriculum to key persons from public and private academic institution, government staff, and NGOs staff; also, to consult and gather the potentials comments and input to improve the quality of Gender Studies Curriculum. 

About 25 participants will join this workshops on July 9 2014. They are from public and private academic institutions, government staff, and NGOs staffs who are able to provide potentials input and comment on the draft of gender studies curriculum. There have experiences on the gender issues and gender studies.


 Time  Content/Topic Responsible
 8:30-9:00  Registrations RUPP & GADC’s staff
9:10-9:20 Welcome remark RUPP’s Representative
9:10-9:20 Introduction and background of the project “Gender Mainstreaming in  Academic  Year”  RUPP & GADC/PYD_ initiative  the Gender Studies Curriculum Ms. Ros Sopheak,  Executive Director of  GADC
9:20-10:00 Gender curriculum:  Gender course syllabus, some example from universities  Overview of the draft curriculum  Ms. Kasumi,  Consultant  Mr. Mina, Assistant
 10:00-10:20    Break    
 10:20-11:00   Discussion about study question in Gender Studies Curriculum:  Group discuss about study questions under each topic in the curriculum (Total 14  topics, participants divided into 2- 3 groups)    Ms. Kasumi,  Consultant  Mr. Mina, Assistant  RUPP & GADC’s Staff
11:00-12:00  Presentations for the group discussion Q&A   Ms. Kasumi,  Consultant  Mr. Mina, Assistant
 12:00    Lunch