Youth and Prevention of Rape

In her capacity as a coordinator of the seminar on the youth and rape, she thinks that the program is extremely good for all the citizens, and it is a reminder and good solution to elimination rape as the citizens are well aware of the problems.

My new journey of life and hope

Ran’s life has changed remarkably since she started to learn a lot of things from GADC and also always has participated in many of the activities of GADC. Ran and her husband now play a very important role as a good role model for others to learn from.

I am strong and confident

Ms Chea Syna was working with the NGO Forum on Cambodia for about 6 months when she was invited to be one of 40 members of a community of practice addressing women’s civil and political participation in Cambodia.

The household chores is my job, too

Prior to joining the training, men in my family did not do any household chores even myself before. After the training with GADC, I have started doing housework such as cleaning house, washing clothes, doing washing up, cooking and so on” recounted Mr. Thao Chandara.