Open Letter on the Position of Civil Society Organizations on the Formulation of the Laws and Other Policies of Cambodia

30 April 2014  –  We, as the civil society associations in Cambodia, including the Cooperation Committee for Cambodia (CCC), Cambodian Human Rights Action Committee (CHRAC), Gender and Development for Cambodia (GADC), NGO Education Partnership (NEP) and The NGO Forum on Cambodia (NGO Forum) have observed that, over the past decades, an active, engaged and vibrant civil society has been critical to Cambodia’s development. Throughout the world, civil society plays a key role in contributing to policy development and formulation, and influencing policies that are responsive to the needs of the people while also promoting government transparency and accountability.

Globally, we have seen that laws that move societies forward are made with consultation from numerous stakeholder groups, including experts from civil society, the private sector, legal and academic experts. Discussion on the impact of policies should be considered and deliberated among stakeholders to arrive at the legislation that will best serve the country.

We, the following civil society associations and over 300 members are always supporting the participation and consultation in the development of legislation of the Royal Government of Cambodia to best serve the country’s citizens to move forward on the path of development and freedom.