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This International Women’s Day, we are highlighting the importance of achieving equality for women and girls not simply because it is a matter of fairness and fundamental human rights, but because progress in so many other areas depends on it.

Countries with more gender equality have better economic growth. Companies with more women leaders perform better. Peace agreements that include women are more durable.  Parliaments with more women enact more legislation on key social issues such as health, education, anti-discrimination and child support.

The evidence is clear: equality for women means progress for all.

This simple truth must be central as we work to accelerate progress towards the Millennium Development Goals by next year’s deadline and craft an agenda for the years beyond 2015. 

Important gains have been made in access to primary education for girls and political representation by women.  But progress remains far too slow and uneven.

A baby girl born today will still face inequality and discrimination, no matter where her mother lives. We have a common obligation to ensure her right to live free from the violence that affects one in three women globally; to earn equal pay for equal work; to be free of the discrimination that prevents her from participating in the economy; to have an equal say in the decisions that affect her life; and to decide if and when she will have children, and how many she will have.

I have a message for every girl born today, and to every woman and girl on the planet:  Realizing human rights and equality is not a dream, it is a duty of governments, the United Nations and every human being.

I also have a message for my fellow men and boys: play your part.  All of us benefit when women and girls – your mothers, sisters, friends and colleagues — can reach their full potential.

Together, let us work for women’s rights, empowerment and gender equality as we strive to eliminate poverty and promote sustainable development.  Equality for women is progress for all!

Ban Ki-moon

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2014 Small Grants Program – Call for thesis writing/research study

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Gender and Development for Cambodia (GADC) is a local non-profit and non-political organization. Our mission is to promote gender equality as fundamental human rights, necessary for Cambodia’s social, economic and political development.

GADC works in cooperation with the Royal Government of Cambodia (RGC) and members of civil society organizations to advocate for gender sensitive projects/programmes, national laws and policies formulation in Cambodia.

GADC is pleased to announce its small grants for thesis writing/research study under funded by AECID through PYD for this 2014. The grant serves as part contribution to the university students studying at bachelor degree to strengthen of research capacity related their field and analysis on gender issues in Cambodia context.

Therefore, the candidates whose applications are successful are encouraged to use the grant to cover the cost of field work, or acquisition of the book and document and printing thesis.      

For more information please download this document.

Statement of the ASEAN Civil Society Conference/ASEAN Peoples’ Forum (ACSC/APF) 2014

Statement of the ASEAN Civil Society Conference/ASEAN Peoples’ Forum (ACSC/APF) 2014 Advancing ASEAN Peoples’ Solidarity Toward Sustainable Peace, Development, Justice and Democratisation

24 March 2014 – We, more than 2,800 delegates from civil society, peoples’ and grassroots organisations and individuals in Myanmar, the ASEAN region and beyond, jointly discussed a wide range of thematic and systematic issues currently confronting the ASEAN people at the ACSC/APF 2014 in Yangon, Myanmar from 21st to 23rd March 2014. We urge the ASEAN leaders of the 24th ASEAN Summit to consider the following statement and recommendations made with a view to ensuring peace, plurality, justice, collaboration, and sustainable and gender responsive development in the region, particularly to improve the quality of life and wellbeing of the people of ASEAN.

The theme for the forum, “Advancing ASEAN Peoples’ Solidarity Toward Sustainable Peace, Development, Justice and Democratisation,” reflects current challenges in the region and calls for strengthening diverse national and regional voices in the decision making processes of ASEAN towards a genuinely people-centred ASEAN.

We reaffirm the fundamental principles of a people-centred ASEAN with sustainable peace and development, democratic and just governance, rule of law (not rule by law), universal human rights and dignity (including women and child rights, etc.), social, cultural, economic and ecological justice, gender equality and gender justice, non-discrimination, inclusivity, reasonable accommodation for persons with disabilities, in the best interests of the people of ASEAN, especially of vulnerable and marginalised groups, including but not limited to women, children, older persons, persons with disabilities, ethnic and indigenous peoples, LGBTIQ and persons of diverse sexual orientation, gender identities and expressions, including intersex persons, all workers including migrants and workers in the informal economy, religious minorities, young people, political prisoners and their families, refugees, internally displaced persons, stateless and landless people, artisanal fisherfolks, sex workers, victims of prostitution and all forms of violence and forced labour, trafficked persons, drug users, and persons living with HIV/AIDS.

Gender Cafe Event

Date: 30th March 2014

Time: 8:30- 11:30

Venue: GADC office

Topic:  Gender based violence and my life  strategic


  • To review and clarify about what members have discussed and learnt from last year gender café, especially gender related concept.
  • To introduce women to one another and connect them.
  • To encourage member to share their gender related issue (GBV) in their family and work place and stimulate member to initiate solution. 

Please download its schedule and detail information

International Women Day

International Women Day

On 07 March 2014

“Solidarity among Women in Cambodia” at Panha Cheat University


  1. To create space for women from different groups and from different generation to discuss on their concerns and to identify the priority of those issues;
  2. To offer opportunity for them to reflect on their past experiences and on how women should go forward into dialogue and support among themselves;
  3. To show the spirit of solidarity among women groups across generation on issues of their concerns;
  4. To announce and disseminate the outcome of the public and community through young women.

Please download the schedule and its purpose (Khmer language)