One Billion Rising 2014

What is One Billion Rising?

One Billion Rising was the biggest mass action in human history. The campaign began as a call to action based on the staggering UN statistic that 1 in 3 women on the planet will be beaten or raped during her lifetime. With the world population at 7 billion, this adds up to more than ONE BILLION WOMEN AND GIRLS. On 14 February 2013, people across the world came together to strike, dance, and RISE in defiance of the injustices women suffer, demanding an end at last to violence against women. Over 10,000 events took place on the ground and the campaign took over media and social media worldwide for 48 hours, trending in 7 countries – 4 times in the US alone. The wildly successful grassroots campaign was covered widely by media in all corners of world including The New York Times, The Guardian, NPR, and many more.

What is V-Day?

V-Day is a global activist movement to end violence against women and girls that raises funds and awareness through benefit productions of Playwright/Founder Eve Ensler’s award winning play The Vagina Monologues and other artistic works. The V-Day movement has raised over $100 million; educated millions about the issue of violence against women and the efforts to end it; crafted international educational, media and PSA campaigns; reopened shelters; and funded over 13,000 community-based anti-violence programs and safe houses in Democratic Republic of Congo, Haiti, Kenya, Egypt, and Iraq. V-Day has received numerous acknowledgements and awards and is, one of the Top-Rated organizations on both Charity Navigator and Guidestar. V-Day’s most recent global campaign, ONE BILLION RISING, galvanized over one billion women and men on a global day of action towards ending violence against women and girls.

What is this year theme for One Billion Rising?

The theme of this year One Billion Rising is love and justice, for ending violence against women cannot be accomplished without properly addressing the issue of justice. Justice begins when we speak, release and acknowledge the truth in solidarity and community. This year theme comes at a time when the subject of justice is occupying Cambodia’s headline.

One Billion Rising and GADC

Gender and Development for Cambodia (GADC) is rising One Billion Rising Cambodia and others around the world to call for an end to violence. GADC had linked the One Billion Rising to Cambodia in 2013 and around 500 of OBR young activist were jointed the event.

Why dance?

In the words of Eve Ensler, the founder of V-Day movement and champion of women’s rights, “Why is dance important? I think most of us women, we don’t wear what we want, go where we want (at anytime of the day), we don’t move the way we want because we are always afraid at some level of being attacked or harassed, or hurt or invaded. When we dance on the 14th, the whole idea is that we break out of this cage of patriarchy, of fear, of intimidation, and we blast out of the boundaries that have kept our selves, kept our creativity, kept our vision, kept our body in prison and we discover this new energy that is going to fuel the planet”.

Main activities:

This year One Billion Rising for Justice will take place in Phnom Penh. The main activities include:

• Dancing and flash mob “Break the Chain”: 7th 8 th 9th Feb 11th 12 and 14th Feb 2014. These flash mobs will take place in different public gatherings from 5.30 pm including: stadium, in front of Royal Palace, Wat Botum, City Mall, Sovanna shopping center and Koh Pich. The purpose of this dance is to bring awareness to the public about One Billion Rising.

• Bicycling and Balloon Floating: 14th Feb 2014 from 8.00 am from GADC office (the direction will show in the map of biking). The starting point for the biking trip will be at GADC.

• Press Conference: 14th Feb 2014. Press conference will take place at the last stop of biking on 14th Feb, at Wat Phnom at 9am. Reporters are invited to be informed about the purpose of One Billion Rising.

• Booth Stance, Face Painting and a Joint Concert: 14th Feb 2014. A booth stance will be set up at Koh Pich to spread out the news about One Billion Rising, accompany with face painting to enforce our campaign messages. At (Insert Time), the public is invited to attend a joint concert to stop violence against women at Koh Pich.

Training on Gender Mainstreaming in project/program

GADC carries out two series training (four separated training) to 37 Oxfam GB staff and 24 partners. One series of 3-day training will be provided to Oxfam GB staff and another series of training will be provided to Oxfam GB’s partners. While the first training focus on building awareness and sensitizing participants to gender related issues through providing the analysis on gender ideology, gender stereotype, gender role, gender relation, and gender equality.

The second training will be focused on mainstreaming gender into Project/Programs, planning and implementation or partner organisation as well as Oxfam. Furthermore, the training will be followed by coaching and mentoring in between each phases based on the result from Training Needs Assessment. 

Detail schedule:

Launching Gender Road Map



GADC join organizing the Launching of Gender Road Map (GRM) Guideline with OXFAM-Novib and OXFAM-Québec in this February 2014. This GRM Guideline is the guidance books which developed by OXFAM-Québec and GADC since last 2013 after we was successes in implement the pilot project with any family in community target.

Oxfam piloted a project designed to empower women and men to achieve greater gender equality at the household level. Meant to be combined with livelihoods projects, this initiative is being implemented by local NGOs with target beneficiaries in Kampong Thom and Kratie. Through the design of their gender road map, the spouses are brought together to discuss their current family situation, their roles and duties as well as their needs and expectations for the future. They are then led to set their own objectives for the well-being for their family looking at the economic aspect, the way they interact with each other and their self-improvement.

Tackling the issue of women’s double burden, the Gender Road Map (GRM) Project fosters women’s economic and political empowerment in encouraging their involvement in livelihoods projects and community activities with the support of their spouses. This initiative also addresses the specific issues experienced by men and promotes dialogue between the spouses. GADC integrated GRM Tools into the project “Men Perspective” based in Somlut district, Batambang Province. 


To disseminate the GRM Guideline to any agency or organizations where are working on Gender and women empowerment in Cambodia to use/apply this tools with their beneficiary.    


  •   To official the GRM Guideline which developed by OXFAM and Partner
  •   To introduce GRM Guideline to interested agency and organization where working in gender and women        empowerment
  •   To gather the comments and feedbacks among interested participants and stakeholder 

TIMEFRAME: 20 February 2014 (Full Day)


The workshop will conduct in separately session as morning and afternoon. The morning session is the official ceremony under honor of MoWA’s representative. S/he will open the launching of GRM Guideline Event. The afternoon session is the practical and deeply discussion on the GRM Tools.

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Meeting with MenEngage in Cambodia

Please be informed that Global MenEngage will visiting GADC office from 18th to 20th February 2014 to discuss the possibility of networking and other future business including receive comment and input to CMN strategic plan which could be linkage to regional and international network.

In addition, there will be a training on Men Care during the last day of the visit. This training will focus on presenting global data on men, fatherhood and gender equality from IMAGES and other sources, creating space for self-reflection on men and women’s relationship with their own father, and utilizing resources such as group education activities from the newly developed Program P4P manual.

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