The Concern of Cambodian Men’s Network Over the Safety and Living Condition of Borei Keila Residents, Particularly Women

We, Cambodian Men Network (CMN), an alliance of over 1,000 voluntary men from diverse professions, statuses, and religions, are bitterly disappointed at the failure of the Royal Government of Cambodia to seek solutions in relation to the forced eviction of the authorities and the brutal persecution of the police on Borei Keila resident against their peaceful protest. The articles of the Cambodia Daily February 02, 04, and 05 and the photo of a woman walking on the road with her upper-half body nude shocks and worries us. It is the first time ever in Cambodian history to witness the bold act of the Cambodian woman.

We are acutely aware of the timidity of Cambodian women, particularly when their sexual organs are exposed. Her decision to take off her shirt shamelessly, therefore, simply tells us that they are overwhelmingly impatient to await the handling of the authorities on their rights to housing. Instead of receiving proper responses from the government, they have been continuously disturbed, including going through sleepless nights owing to the boisterous eviction at night and the savage wreckage by the authorities and the police when the residents tried to prevent their houses from being bulldozed flat. Their demand just ends in deadlock and they do not hope that they will have homes to live in a dignified manner just like others, which is one of human being basic needs. It seems better to be dead than alive or surviving like dying.

We, as the members of CMN, are gravely concerned about the unresolved plight. We, thus, would like to appeal for attention and consideration of the Royal Government of Cambodia and all the authorities involved to find the answers to the problems of Borei Keila slum residents in a prompt and non-violent manner. 

We all hope and believe that the government and the relevant institutions will pay undivided attention to solve the issues in the right, just, humane, and prompt manner.   


Discussion Workshop on “Recommendations to the Ministry of Women’s Affairs for Cambodia’s new National Action Plan to Prevent Violence Against Women”

As part of the 16 Days of Action against Gender Violence campaign, Gender and Development for Cambodia (GADC), Cambodian Men’s Network (CMN) and Women’s Media Centre (WMC) are today holding a full day Discussion Workshop on “Recommendations to the Ministry of Women’s Affairs for Cambodia’s new National Action Plan to Prevent Violence Against Women” at the Sunway Hotel, Phnom Penh under financial support of UN Women. (Agenda of the workshop can be downloaded here: EnglishKhmer )

A range of stakeholders from different provinces and also Phnom Penh approximately 60 (half from NGOs sector and half from community people) and will have the opportunity to dicuss their ideas and suggestions for the new National Action Plan to Prevent Violence Against Women, in particular related to prevention of violence against women and response/service to survivors of violence. Their recommendations will be provided to the Ministry of Women’s Affairs who are the government ministry primarily responsible for developing this National Action Plan.